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Value management platform

Value proposition

A compelling value proposition is crucial for corporations to survive. With value propositions corporations make their statement position what problem they solve for a customer groups and why they are distinctly better than the alternatives. Once you set out to create your compelling value proposition, before implementing it consider these steps: discover, prototype and adopt. 

Value management platform

Reselint, partner of VDMBee, support these phases of the process by providing the tool of VDMBee. VDMBee support the first industry standard vocabulary ‘Value Delivery Modeling Language’ (VDML) of the OMG Group, about business structure, business operations and value management.VDMbee provides structure to discover business ideas, rationalize strategy and analyze scenarios for successful business models, taking ¼ of the traditional effort. 

The ‘discover’ phase is to gather understanding of the case. How does the business currently work, what are its business models, why do they work as they work. What is the problem or are the problems that the enterprise is facing? Is there a need to improve like innovate or transform? 

This ‘prototype’ phase will help to get more in-depth view to support the three main activities.

  • Planning: Taking a decision whether to model the As-Is or to proceed straight with modeling To-Be. What are the different scenario’s, what your critical success factors are for a successful implementation?
  • Designing: Designing is about making the structure of the business model explicit. Like think about the roles that participants have in your design. What are your value propositions and why is your customer or partner happy with them?
  • Measure: Value management is a mean to make things explicit and measure positive or negative progress. Which values are of importance for a successful implementation? 

The ‘adopt’ phase is to turn the prototyped business into a tangible plan for all the stakeholders.It contains all the artifacts of the plan, it’s phases, scenario’s and value creation and capturing structures. With this you can perform what-if scenario’s, compare scenario’s. All with the objective to take decision about what path you take into the future.


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