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Prevent Data Leakage

Easy to keep your documents safe!

Organizations are sharing and collaborating on documents, but most of them are not protected and it's hard to stay in control. Shieldox protects your documents, wherever they are, inside your organization and when they are in motion, outside your organization. Shieldox, with its advanced artificial intelligence knows who can or cannot access them, keeps your documents safe, always. 

Shieldox is an AI autonomous Policy Decision Point (PDP), that solves the Blue Documents problem protecting sensitive documents in motion. Shieldox allows users to collaborate safely when exchanging sensitive files, while retaining the ability to mitigate any potential exposure. With its backward protection, Shieldox can protect all the previous versions of your documents.

GDPR Compliance

Shieldox helps you address GDPR requirements. Maintains the integrity of documents’ permissions
throughout the document lifecycle and use, in motion and at rest. Is storage and service agnostic, covering popular and prolific offerings. Preserves and asserts authorization policies, allowing access, editing and use to those with specific permissions. Safeguards documents between cloud storages. Addresses visibility and protection in managed, unmanaged, distributed, and cloud-service environments, including hybrid clouds
Integrates with complementary document management, collaboration, storage and security solutions. Ensures integrity and transparency to all parties by providing evidence–based audit trails that track changes and transfers associated with a document.

Shieldox provide a unique exposure radar that present potential data exposures in your organization. Display all the copies of a given documents and the activities performed on them. Allow you to see the overall level of protection inside your organization.

Shieldox is 'The Only Autonomous Document Security Solution'.

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